How To Hire The Right Private Security Guards?

How to find the right detail and doormen for private parties in New York City and surrounding areas like Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and more. Whether you own a small or large venue, hiring Private Security Detail can destroy or make your business. There is no doubt that violence in bars and nightclubs have been on the rise for the last couple of years. Being exposed to negative press through the media can get your business shut down. While it is impossible to eliminate all violence, it is entirely possible to minimize it. We have put together tips to help you hire the right guards and keep your restaurant or bar event safe for you, your employees, and your guests:

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Hire A Strong Doormen

What does a doorman do at a bar?

Strong lead doormen Private Security Guards are vital for maintaining a safe environment for guests. Strong in this context refers to more than physical strength. Doormen must be mentally strong enough to refuse entry to potential troublemakers at any event. This sounds easier than it is in reality. There will be many occasions that individuals or groups will approach the doormen and this is when the head doormen must utilize their street smarts and quick wits to refuse entry to anyone that might jeopardize a safe and friendly environment. This includes every category of person who believes they have the right to enter, be it a celebrity, professional athlete, gang member, or a person known for causing trouble.

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Specialized Guards

Get A Security Company With Specialized Guards

When hiring Private detail for your bar or restaurant you will benefit if they offer a variety of security services such as:

  • The ability to monitor guest list, allowing only approved personnel entrance
  • Parking lot detail, keeping an eye on cars, and guests’ valuables
  • Offer to call a cab for guests who are unable to drive home
  • Call EMS services in the case of medical situation
  • Provide a visible deterrent to any would-be intruders
Need event security

Get A Security Company With Experience

Professional and experienced Private security detail is one of the most important factors when hiring guards for your bar or restaurant. You will notice that there are many venues with inexperienced security detail. Security guards have to be in control at all times and this takes skill and experience to accomplish. When hiring protective services make sure they are experienced.

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Security Company With Experience

Why Do You Need Event Security?

You need event security to make an event secure and that requires a customized plan built into account. The security requirements are unique to the nature of an individual event and its venue. A NYC security guard company that is experienced in handling events understands these requirements. Therefore, their teams work with you to create a personalized strategy that considers all potential threats and entry points and develops a plan of action if an unfortunate situation arises.

1. Maintaining Good Ambiance

A good ambiance enhances guest satisfaction. But theft, vandalism, disturbances, fights, and harassment (which are not uncommon in large-scale public gatherings) could ruin the ambiance of your event. Therefore, nothing is more critical than adequate security to ensure that your event offers a guarded, comfortable, and enjoyable atmosphere. The security experts from a professional company in NYC monitor your event and ensure that all the attendees feel safe and have a great time. The mere presence of this security personnel is a deterrent to ill-intended people. So, they contribute immensely to maintaining a pleasant ambiance at your event.

2. Controlled Guest Entry

No one wants uninvited people crashing their events. But keeping an eye on the guest list and controlling guest entry while overseeing all other aspects of the party is nearly impossible to do yourself. That’s why you need event security at your event. When you hire a NYC security guard company for your event in the tri-state area, you know you have professionals who will not only keep your party safe but will also monitor guest entry. Hence keeping your gathering safe from uninvited and possibly threatening party crashers.

3. Crowd Management

Crowd management is another critical skill that a security company NYC has to offer for your needs. The crowd at most large-scale parties or gatherings is likely to get out of hands. Moreover, a disaster can strike at any time, calling for immediate evacuation. In such cases, professional companies with their crowd management skills can play a critical role in preventing catastrophic events.

Whether you own a restaurant or bar, having a specialized team on your side is highly recommended to keep everyone safe and protected at all times. We’d love to handle the security at your upcoming event, bar, or restaurant, please contact NY Nightlife Security today for more information and to request a quote!

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