We are a private security agency serving the tri-state area with dedication, discretion, and diligence.

We had the resources, the strength, and the thinking capacity of proactively saving lives, securing premises, and protecting properties. And we wanted to help our people with our services. Therefore, NY Nightlife Security came into existence due to our passion for keeping our fellow citizens safe and giving back to society.

Being in the security industry for more than three decades, we have built ourselves from the ground up. We have picked up all the details, experienced all kinds of threats, and deescalated various threatening and dangerous situations.

Our experience in the industry has equipped us with the resources critical to devise a thorough, detailed, and fool-proof security plan for a wide variety of scenarios, from large private parties to red-carpet public events, personal protection to securing bars, and clubs.

Our security teams are trained to deescalate situations, handle crowds, and protect you from unwanted people with ethics, ensuring not to offend anyone and tarnish your reputation.

We are a private security company you can rely on.

Our Mission

Our purpose of existence is your protection. Our mission is to invest all our resources into providing top-notch, fool-proof security to our clients and continue to train and evolve with the changes of society and adapt ourselves to the modern-day security and safety requirements.

Why NY Nightlife Security?

Our services are dedicated to protecting you. But that’s not the only reason why our clients hire us and keep coming back to us. There’s more:

Low Rates

We have tailored our services to be affordable for everyone. Because we believe cost must not hinder the access to premium, uncompromised security services.

Free Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation so you can understand how well equipped we are to serve you. You can call us and book your free consultation today!

No Contracts

Our services are designed for you to use as you will. We don’t confuse or delay the deployment of our services by lengthy contracts. Nor do we bound you with commitments.

Exceptional Customer Service

We know you seek comfort when you reach out to a security service. That’s why we connect you with a senior position holder in our company, who caters to your needs, listens to your requirements, and helps you out with utmost professionalism, empathy, and dedication, in the beginning, during, and after the end of our service.

Uniformed and Undercover Security

We offer services in uniform and undercover to tackle diverse challenges and cater to your changing needs.

NYS Licensed Guards

All the NY Nightlife Security guards are rigorously trained and hold a license to serve as your security personnel by the New York State.

Efficient Communication

We stay in touch with you, your managers, or planners and relay all the information, updates, and concerns regarding your security, so you are always in the loop.


Your security, our priority. The Security Guard Company you need demands the experience we have.

NY Nightlife Security is your private Security Guard Company, offering professional, reliable, and ethical security services with determination, dedication, and diligence. We have over 35 years of experience in protecting property, saving lives, and offering uncompromised security.

We serve the tri-state area, and you can trust us to provide uncompromised security for yourself, your family, or your public and private events, parties, nightclubs, etc.

At the NY Nightlife Security, we focus on your satisfaction. Our personnel practice utmost professionalism and are guided by a strict code of ethics. Serving undercover and in uniform, our guards are trained to offer complete protection to ensure that you stay safe from the emotional and physical consequences of unforeseen events

Security Guard CompanySecurity Guard Company Leadership

We are owner-operated security is guided by exceptional leadership, bringing over three decades of field experience to your assignment.





Security Guard CompanyOur Security Personnel

All our Security guard Companies and bodyguards are licensed by the NYS and are rigorously trained to offer utmost safety, security, and protection. They are equipped with the right resources and skillset, which enables them to react appropriately and spontaneously to dangerous situations and handle your security matters with professionalism and diligence




Security Guard CompanyOur Strategy

Our security guard company strategy is unique to your requirements. Having dealt with diverse security challenges in the 35 years of our service, we understand your security requirements and adapt our security strategy according to your assignment to offer uncompromised, tailored, and reliable security guard service.





Security Guard CompanyHow Are We Responding to COVID-19?

We believe in the progress and continue to evolve with the needs of our clients. Understanding your concerns regarding your health and safety during the pandemic, our guards maintain strict COVID SOPs and respond to threats accordingly.

Our security guard company maintains strict COVID SOPs, prioritizing your health and respond to threats accordingly to keep you safe your safety is our first priority.