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The Security Guard Company you need demands the experience we have. NY Nightlife Security offers professional, reliable, and ethical services with determination and dedication. We have over 35 years of experience in protecting property, saving lives, and offering uncompromised security. So if you are looking to hire the best for your night life, bar, club, restaurant, or home safety, our 24/7 bodyguard company look no further. We cater to New York City, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and more. Our affordable agency has the top rated private protection officers for events and parties that are available day, night, and overnight.

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We serve the tri-state area, and you can trust us to provide uncompromised security for yourself, your family, or your public and private events, parties, nightclubs, etc. At the NY Nightlife Security, we focus on your satisfaction. Our personnel practice utmost professionalism and are guided by a strict code of ethics.

Security Guard Company

Best Security Guard Services in New York City

Serving undercover and in uniform, our guards are trained to offer complete protection to ensure that you stay safe from the emotional and physical consequences of unforeseen events. We are the number 1 bodyguard firm in New York City! We are an excellent match for all your safety needs. We even offer 24/7 bodyguards.

Security Guard Company Leadership

Security Guard Company
Hiring private personal security guard
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We are owner-operated security is guided by exceptional leadership, bringing over three decades of field experience to your assignment. So if you have any security guard need in New York contact NY NightLife Security today . We have over 35 years of experience and can provide a fast and reliable security guard service in the New York City.

Our Security Personnel

All our Security guard Companies and bodyguards are licensed by the NYS and are rigorously trained to offer utmost safety, security, and protection. They are equipped with the right resources and skillset. This enables them to react appropriately and spontaneously to dangerous situations and handle your security matters with professionalism and diligence

The purpose of personal security-body guard services is to make sure you are living a comfortable life. Your peace of mind is of the maximum importance to us.

We know you often find comfort having a trained guard or a team of security personnel present to protect you from threats, attacks, or stalkers. Therefore, we have designed our security services to offer personal security. We deploy trained bodyguards who are equipped with skills, tools, and experience needed to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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“NyNitelife kept my promotional event safe and helped it run smoothly. I would definitely hire them again.”

Joshua Archer

“We are very happy we hired Ny Nite Life. Our club event was located in a kind of dangerous part of town with other businesses having experienced robberies and such. Our events always run smoothly.”

Max Voigt

Our Strategy

Our security guard company strategy is unique to your requirements. Having dealt with diverse security challenges in the 35 years of our service we understand your security requirements and adapt our security strategy according to your assignment to offer uncompromised, tailored, and reliable security guard service.

Our body guard services are discreet, trained, well equipped, and licensed by the NYS to handle your personal safety with diligence and efficiency. We work with our team of guards to develop a proactive security strategy and collaborate with your managers, assistants, or planners to understand your routine and schedule. This is the best customized approach to tackle the challenges that are unique to your individual assignment.

Being a proactive security company, our team of personal body guards also offers to drive you from place to place, sweep your cars and areas you visit before arrival. Our personal bodyguard service is characterized by professionalism, attention to detail, and diligence. You can reach out to us anytime you want and have a bodyguard by your side 24/7 all year round, without the need for a formal contract.

How Are We Responding to COVID-19?

We believe in the progress and continue to evolve with the needs of our clients. Understanding your concerns regarding your health and safety during the pandemic, our guards maintain strict COVID SOPs and respond to threats accordingly. Our security guard company maintains strict COVID SOPs, prioritizing your health and respond to threats accordingly to keep you safe your safety is our first priority.

What does security do at a bar?
At a bar or event security is there to ensure the safety of employees and guests within the bars’ perimeters. Your hired personnel are also in charge of enforcing the liquor and bar entry laws of the business in question. For example, they reserve the right of admission for patrons, they check ID’s for underage persons, and manage your guest list. Contact security guard companies to find out more.